Egg Custard Recipe

This egg custard recipe is a never fail. Seasoned cooks may (like I did when I first made it) question the method and wonder if it will actually work, but it always produces a smooth creamy result. And, as a bonus, there is no double boiler or straining through a sieve which will save you […]

Authentic Italian Tiramisu Desert Recipe

This is the best desert recipe that I have come across for the Italian favourite dessert Tiramsu, with delicious coffee flavoured sponge finger biscuits and a light luscious Marscapone based cream. Make it a few hours (or even better, a day) before you plan to serve it. Authentic Italian Tiramisu Desert Recipe¬†Ingredients 2 eggs 75g […]

Traditional Boiled Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

This is probably better late than never (given that it is January and Christmas was less than a month ago), but it really is a beautiful recipe, well worth a try! My mum has been making this each and every Christmas (and other times during the year when we can persuade her) since before I […]

Traditional (no bake) Rum Balls Recipe

These traditional rum balls are very easy and quick to make (no baking required!), make great Christmas gifts and are perfect for when friends drop round during the silly season. Recipe makes approximately 30-40 balls (depending on size of balls). I usually make double (or triple) quantities, as they go so quickly! Rum Ball Recipe […]