Top 5 Quick & Easy Winter Soups: No 3 (Thai) Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Another winter warmer that can be made in 20-30 minutes. Pop it in a thermos to take to Saturday sport, or enjoy in the warm. Pumpkin Soup Recipe Ingredients 500g pumpkin (I find Queensland Blue or Jap pumpkins have the best flavour for this recipe), skin removed and cut into 5cm cubes 2 brown onions, […]

The Best Ever Roast Potato Recipe

A very big claim, but there is nothing like crunchy delicious roast potatoes with fluffy insides, served with your favourite roast (or on their own). Roast Potato Recipe Ingredients 1 large potato per person (I use Sebago) Olive oil Fresh rosemary (optional) Roast Potato Recipe Method Preheat oven to 180ºC. Peel the potatoes and remove […]

Top 5 Quick & Easy Winter Soups: No 4 Leek, Bacon and Potato Soup Recipe

This soup is delicious, and once you have made it, it will become a permanent fixture on your winter cooking schedule. It is quick to make, can be made in one pot, and is perfect for lunch on a cold winter’s afternoon. Leek, Bacon and Potato Soup Recipe Ingredients 2 tbsp olive oil 3 stalks […]

Top 5 Quick & Easy Winter Soups: No 5 Vegetarian Spicy Lentil and Pumpkin Soup Recipe

This spicy lentil and pumpkin soup recipe is a great hearty stew style soup, packed full of very healthy legumes and vegies. Most people expect vegetarian food to be boring and bland, but this is anything but! This recipe makes approximately 10 bowls of soup, so it is perfect if you are feeding a crowd […]

Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas Series: Indonesian Beef Satay Skewers with Peanut Satay Sauce Recipe

Satay skewers are a favourite in our house, and they are very versatile. You can serve them with rice and stir fried vegies for a main meal, or serve smaller versions on toothpicks for cocktail parties. Indonesian Beef Satay Skewer Marinade Recipe Ingredients 1kg rump steak, fat removed and cut into 3cm cubes 1/2 brown […]

Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas Series: Steamed Salmon Fillet with Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Everyone needs a recipe in their collection that is simple and easy, but stunning enough to be used for special occasions. For me, this steamed salmon fillet recipe is it. It cooks in the one pot (always good when you don’t want to deal with washing up), takes about 20 minutes to make (including preparation […]

Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas Series: Prawn and Chicken Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll Recipe

This is a quick ‘stand by’ dish that you can throw together with basic ingredients, is fantastic when you want to feed a large group of people, is great for kids as they can make their own and feel involved, and best of all is cheap (if you want to make it cheaper, just exclude […]

Smoked Rainbow Trout Salad Recipe

Smoked trout is a lovely ingredient, it is a (relatively) cheap piece of seafood, and gives a wonderful smokey flavour to dishes. This is quite a filling salad, so could be served as a main meal, either for a lazy weekend lunch with some crusty bread and a glass of wine or for dinner when […]

Top 5 Deserts in 5 Minutes: Number 1: Crunchy Meringues with Icecream, Berries and Chocolate Recipe

Drum roll please! The number 1 top 5 desert in 5 minutes is: absolutely delicious and requires no cooking at all. If you are feeling particularly domestic goddess like (a la Nigella Lawson), you could make your own meringues, but this would turn this desert from a 5 minutes wonder into something slightly more time […]

Top 5 Deserts in 5 Minutes: Number 2: Caramelised Bananas with Icecream and Caramel Sauce Recipe

This weeks top 5 desert in 5 minutes is a fresh take on the old classic, Banana Split. Hot homemade caramel sauce with cold creamy ice cream makes this a perfect sit-on-the-lounge-with-your-best-girlfriends-and-watch-old-movies desert. Caramelised Bananas with Icecream and Caramel Sauce Recipe Ingredients 1 banana per person, split lengthways 1 scoop vanilla ice cream per person […]