Show Us Your Cooking Successes!

Here at we have lots of plans for 2010 to improve the site to make it even better for our readers.

We had an amazing Christmas period, visitors to the site went through the roof, with our fabulous Rum Balls Recipe the absolute clear favourite. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, literally thousands of users a day were googling rum balls and coming to our recipe. So hopefully loads of people made some great Christmas food using our recipes.

Which brings us to the point “Show us your cooking successes”! We  had many readers commenting on our site, asking questions etc, which was terrific, and we’d like to encourage readers to share some of their cooking successes with us.

So if you’ve got a photo of something you’ve cooked, either from our recipes or others on flickr, photobucket, your own web site etc.. it’s time to share!

Please send a comment on this post, linking to your photo or video and show off :) We would love to hear from you.

Happy New Year!


  1. With all this wet weather. And stuck indoors with a 2 year old and a 4 month old. I decided to make some comfort food. These are fruit breakfast scones and they were yummo!!

    • Thanks Katherine! Can you send us the link (it didn’t come through in the comment), so I can share for everyone?


  2. With Thanksgiving so close, anyone can cook turkey dinner using my book!

  3. you probably can check out most of my photos on my food blog, heres a few example

    or u can check out my portfolio

  4. Berry crumble recipe success!

  5. These are not my photos, but if you’re interested in food photos, there is a group on flikr called “food porn” it always has new food photography


  6. Ok, I’ll get it started, here are some images that I took a while go for the Rum Ball recipe on this site in fact!

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