Cooking Inspirations: Who or What Inspires You In The Kitchen?

Recently I went to see the movie Julie & Julia with my mum. For those of you that haven’t seen the movie or read a review, it is all about how one woman, Julie, starts a blog that chronicles cooking her way through all the recipes in Julia Child’s “How To Master French Cooking”. In 365 days. There are over 500 recipes in the book, all quite complex with traditional French techniques, so this would have been quite a feat.

It was a lovely movie, and showed that no matter what happened each day, whether work tested her or her relationship was going through a difficult patch, Julie would start cooking, and Julia Child, through her cookbook, became the one person who made everything better. Cooking can do that.

The movie resonated deeply with me. I love cooking and find it very therapeutic, and throughout the years have come across quite a few men and women who, through their cookbooks, tv shows, newspaper and magazine articles and websites have influenced my cooking and helped improve it.

People like Margaret Fulton, who taught me to cook my first dish (pikelets at age six), Stephanie Alexander, who provided an invaluable resource through her food bible ‘The Cooks Companion’ when I first moved out of home, and of course the wonderful Maggie Beer, the woman who can cook anything and make it look easy, have all had a huge influence on what I cook, and the way I cook it. The woman who has had the biggest influence on my cooking though is my mother. She has always had a passion for great food, and showed me that fresh produce matched with good cooking skills can produce spectacular meals (and she has produced plenty!!).

Working in IT, I understand how technology can help people stumble across things that they may have never tried previously and perhaps even give them a go. Through I hope to instil a passion for food and provide inspiration, tips and tricks and things that I have learnt through all of the people that have inspired me, to a whole new generation of ‘could be’ cooks.

I would love to know who or what inspires you in the kitchen; is it your family, friends, ‘celebrity’ cooks or chefs, or even a trip to the market to find good ingredients? Please leave your comments to share with others!