Caterpillar Carnage

Evil CatterpillarSince beginning our wine barrel garden at the start of summer, we have enjoyed the fruits of our work. It is incredible how much actual food you can get out of two wine barrels! The biggest producer has been the lettuce, while we have still supplemented our summer salads with the usual bags of leaves from Harris Farm, we have relied on our little garden for many many meals – that was until last week’s caterpillar carnage.

Within 2 days our lettuce, basil and others were had for dinner, stripped bare. It was like the caterpillar equivalent of the Empire’s attack of the rebel base on Hoth. 

You can just see the little guys bringing their mates over for dinner, Bachelor & Spinster Ball style  – “we’ve found a huge array of foliage here, every slug for himself” was the cry.

It took us by surprise, with no time to react, short of trying to find the little varmint and squash them one at a time we were defenseless.

So after a couple of days of commiserations (and no salad for dinner) we decided to hit back. “Caterpillar Napalm” was the call when we met with our friendly nursery shop assistant, you can imagine the look we got but regardless she knew exactly what we were after. So weaponry in hand, and a new supply of lettuce, parsley etc.. we returned home and replanted.

Now, while we wait for the kettle to boil, we stand and peer through the window at the wine barrels, any sign of green slimy movement and we are out there karate style, well with spray weapons in hand anyway. (Can’t imagine Bruce Lee attacking with a pint sized spray bottle, but its all about the imagery)

Suffice to say, rice for dinner tonight.