Nigella’s (Express) Honeycomb Recipe

Now there is nothing more interesting than watching a bloke (in this case my boyfriend) do a complete about face on something that he is adamant is “just wrong”.

Before I get into this though, I have to admit, I am acutely addicted to watching cooking shows, you name it I love it; The Cook and the Chef, The Hairy Biker’s Cookbook, Nigella Express, Food Safari etc (the list is quite long!). I will even sit through Gordon Ramsey if its on (although don’t really like his attitude), save sitting through Top Gear or some other testosterone filled hour (that’s not entirely fair, I don’t mind Top Gear, as long as its the UK version).

At home, being the up to date, Internet savvy chic type, we don’t have video recorders etc.. instead we have an iMac that fills the shoes of being a TV, video recorder, music player etc (small plug there for mac, but they really are fantastic). It gives me no end of pleasure to fill up the hard drive with all the above mentioned cooking shows, so much so that sometimes there is just no room for that next all important episode of Mythbusters for the boys!

Boys as they are will sometimes turn their nose up at a cooking show viewing diet that would make even Jamie Oliver consider turning over to the cricket, but I have to admit mine is pretty good, in that he’ll sit through most of it. Strangely though it was Nigella that pushed him over the edge. I will agree she’s a bit eccentric but she really pushes his buttons. A lot. To the point where we got the whole ranting at the TV thing as if it was her right there in front of us and he was explaining just how silly she is she.

Well, that was until this week. Among other things Nigella did a piece on honeycomb (or as she calls it Hokey Pokey). While she was still her same old self I think the thing that got his attention was that it was something that is really good to eat and incredibly simple. Add that to the science experiment feel of the whole processes and its almost irresistible to a bloke. So a couple of nights after it was on TV, there he was re-watching the episode and keenly following Nigella’s every step! I have to admit the end result was pretty tasty, so I have decided to include the recipe here…

Nigella’s (Express) Honeycomb Recipe Ingredients

  • 100g caster sugar
  • 4 tbsps golden syrup
  • 1 & 1/2 tsp bicarb soda

Nigella’s (Express) Honeycomb Recipe Method

Place a sheet of non stick baking paper on a tray.

Gently melt the sugar and golden syrup in a small saucepan over a medium heat. Swirl the pan (don’t stir the mixture as it will go grainy) every so often until the sugar has dissolved. Allow the mixture to come to the boil and allow it to colour slightly so it goes a lovely deep golden brown (don’t let it go too far though or it will taste burnt).

Pull the mixture off the heat and quickly add the bicarb of soda. Mix thoroughly with a silicone spatula or metal spoon until it is evenly combined (this is the science experiment part of the process, when you add the bicarb soda the mixture will froth and bubble).

Pour the mixture out onto the prepared tray and allow to set on the bench (will take approximately 20 minutes or so). If the weather is particularly humid, it may not set completely. In this case, put it in the fridge/freezer for a bit to firm it up.

Once set you can break it up into pieces (wrap in additional baking paper and wack with a rolling pin). The pieces are yum by themselves (with coffee after dinner), or you could dip them in melted dark chocolate, or mix through softened vanilla ice cream (like we did) for a treat.