Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden – In Wine Barrels – Mid Summer Update!

It was mid November last year when we planted our wine barrel garden (visit this link for the original article). Its now January and you won’t believe the transition. Here are some photos to give you a idea of how it’s all going.

[nggallery id=2]

Since planting we have had a pretty good summer in Sydney, all of the herbs have grown very well. Except for a couple of weeks away on holiday, the simple key to success has been to water every day. It’s not really the chore that it sounds, coming in from work it is actually very relaxing to spend 5 minutes giving them a bit of a hose. Every time you hit the basil with water the smell is terrific.

The lettuce as you can see from the photos has probably been the biggest surprise, we just keep eating it and it just keeps growing. The local farmers market are starting to put off staff as we are no longer in there buying bagged salad every other day! In hindsight though, we should have given over one full wine barrel to the lettuce, it’s a bit like the back seat of the car with the three kids in there – elbows everywhere! The strawberries and parsley that co-habitate have done ok, but you can see them gasping for a bit more space.

The roses don’t feature in the photos this time around, mainly due to the fact that they had a bit of a falling out with the wind. We have had two displays about a month apart, each bush with 8 – 10 fully developed flowers. Here’s hoping that we will have some more great looking flowers before summer ends – will get photos next time they bloom!