Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden (Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables)

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables is a great way to introduce kids to new flavours, vegies (god forbid they might put something green in their mouths) and cooking. It also means cutting back on your weekly fruit and vegie bill, and satisfaction from growing your own produce.

If you don’t have very much space, don’t despair! Using small window planter boxes or even larger chinese food containers you can grow pretty much anything.

Simply purchase some window planter boxes, good quality potting mix and seeds (or seedlings if you want a head start) and you’re away. Get the kids involved and together fill the planter boxes three quarters of the way full with the potting mix, sow the seeds according to packet directions (some varieties of seeds do better at different times of the year, so make sure that you purchase the right seeds for the season), and water well. Most herbs, vegies and fruit prefer to be in full sun, so try and position your planter boxes for maximum sun every day.

Remember to water well every day, and you will soon have beautiful fresh produce. If you have problems with slugs and snails (especially when growing strawberries), simply lay some lucerne hay around the plants and this should stop them. Also look out for curled leaves with what looks like very fine web/silk. This is where butterflies and moths have laid their eggs. You need to dispose of these eggs and leaves, or you will soon find caterpillars munching on your garden.

I have found that the most kid friendly herbs, vegies and fruits are parsley, mint, rosemary and basil (as these are very easy to grow and show results almost immediately), dutch/baby carrots, salad leaves (a great way to get kids to eat green things!), cherry tomatoes and strawberries (the very first strawberry of the season was a momentous occasion in our house!)

You might also want to try mixing up the edible garden with some flowers too.