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Easy (Cheats) Christmas Fruit Mince Pies Recipe

This is the very quick and easy version of the Christmas cooking classic, fruit mince pies. These make great gifts (think secret Santa), and are also great to take along to Christmas drinks. Easy Christmas Fruit Mince Pies Recipe Ingredients 2 quantities shortcrust pastry (refer to the pastry recipe used in the Tangy Lemon Tart […]

Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden – In Wine Barrels

The more you read and watch material relating to cooking there is a common but simple theme that rings true; use good, fresh produce (and organic where possible). I have been taking this mantra more literally than most people for a long time now (some might say slightly over the top); imagine for a moment […]

Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas Series: Fish with Lemon Cream Sauce Recipe

This makes a lovely meal for two (or you could increase the quantities and make it into a dinner party dish). Fish With Lemon Cream Sauce Recipe Ingredients 2 x 150-200 g skinless & boneless firm white fish fillets (blue eye or snapper is good for this) Plain flour Salt and pepper Olive oil 1/2 […]

Tangy Lemon Curd Tart Recipe

This is a great version* (the best I have come across) of the classic lemon tart recipe; tangy lemon filling and crisp shortcrust pasty, just delicious! You could use the same recipe to make mini individual lemon tarts using muffin tins for afternoon tea. Tangy Lemon Curd Tart Recipe Ingredients 240g plain flour Pinch salt […]

Traditional (no bake) Rum Balls Recipe

These traditional rum balls are very easy and quick to make (no baking required!), make great Christmas gifts and are perfect for when friends drop round during the silly season. Recipe makes approximately 30-40 balls (depending on size of balls). I usually make double (or triple) quantities, as they go so quickly! Rum Ball Recipe […]

Easy Eton Mess Desert Recipe

This is a great simple pavlova based desert with that ‘wow’ factor – perfect to serve at dinner parties. All your friends will think you have spent hours in the kitchen; little do they know you have sat with your feet up having a nice glass of wine before they got there… Easy Eton Mess […]

Healthy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

You might think it is silly to include a recipe for fruit salad, however there are just so many versions out there that contain rock melon and honey dew… and not much else (apart from the odd soggy strawberry). The most important thing is to have fresh fruit that is in season (from your local […]

Quick Stewed Rhubarb and Apple Recipe

This is a great recipe, perfect for the new season (Spring) rhubarb that is around at the moment. You can eat it as is, on muesli for breakfast, with yoghurt as a snack, or even as a base for a rhubarb & apple crumble. Stewed Rhubarb & Apple Recipe Ingredients 1 bunch rhubarb, washed to […]

Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden (Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables)

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables is a great way to introduce kids to new flavours, vegies (god forbid they might put something green in their mouths) and cooking. It also means cutting back on your weekly fruit and vegie bill, and satisfaction from growing your own produce. If you don’t have very much […]

Ideas for Centralising & Storing Collected Recipes

A great idea for organising all of those recipes that you have collected over the years (cluttering up your cupboards and drawers on bits of paper!) is to purchase an address book and write them in. By using an address book you have all of your recipes in the one place, making it easy to […]